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Get ready to have your heart caught in Miss Spider’s web of lovable characters. Happy Heartwood Day is a day to show how much you care, and with Miss Spider’s eight arms, it’s hugs times four! Come be a part of the one-bug-happy family and join the warm and fuzzy excitement in these eight homespun tales.

Miss Spider (voiced by Brooke Shields) is the lovable head of the household in happy Sunny Patch, who creates a motley family by taking in a host of orphaned bugs. Newly married to sweet, nerdy Holley (Rick Moranis), Miss Spider starts the family she herself, an orphan, never had growing up; she becomes mother to Squirt, the friendly little green bug, twins Pansy and Snowdrop, Dragon, Wiggle, and many others. The bugs all live and learn together in Sunny Patch, in a show that unfolds in vivid 3-D animation, with engaging characters and beautiful background art. In this episode, a fallen tree means the bugs spend the whole day celebrating, but Dragon has a lesson to learn about the importance of sharing.

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