Create a Drive In Movie at Home

We love to take our boys to old fashioned diners, classic car shows, and introduce them to oldie but goodie toys like Lincoln Logs.  In our opinion, sometimes nothing can beat the good old days.


So we brainstormed a way to bond as a family through one of our favorite childhood experiences:  Going to a drive in movie.

Since drive in movie theatres are few and far between in Chicagoland, we decided to make our own drive in theatre at home.

The set up was so incredibly easy.

First of all, find a big box, laundry basket, or Tupperware container.


Next, cover the container with colored construction paper.


Add four black paper circles to serve as tires.


Cut out two small yellow circles as your headlights.


Add eyeballs using white paper circles and a black marker.  Don’t forget the smile!


Add a small paper plate steering wheel with a ton of tape!


Add license plates.  My Cars obsessed boys picked some special names, don’t you think?


Now that your cars are complete, get your engines started for a little pre-movie racing.  Blankies required, of course.


Classic Movies

Now that you have your cars ready for the drive in theatre, it is time to pick out a great classic movie.  I know that there are a ton of great family friendly movies such as Frozen andDespicable Me, but I want my boys to know about some of the great movies of my childhood.

Animated Flicks

The Jungle Book
101 Dalmatians
Sleeping Beauty
Peter Pan


Traditional Movies

The Muppet Movie
The Flintstones
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
The Parent Trap
The Mighty Ducks

Now pop some popcorn and starting making some amazing family memories!

About Amanda

I am a thirty something woman raising two rambunctious little boys in Chicagoland. While taking a break from teaching, it is my goal to explore my beautiful hometown through the eyes of my children, devouring the delicious sights, eats, and adventures in the most beautiful city in the world. I blog over at Queenofthelandoftwigsnberries so come by and say “hello!”

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