Gentle Introduction of the Sensory World

 The first time I took by baby girl in my arms, I was amazed at how fragile and gentle she is. Even as the time passes and she gets stronger every day, I still see her as that small, soft bundle I held close the first day. Parenthood was scary for me at first, I was afraid that I would do something wrong and make some terrible mistake which would harm my girl, but in time I’ve managed to overcome that feeling and now I feel way more confident. Now it’s time for me to show her the world and make sure I do it the right way.



I’ve read that babies can smell the difference between their mother’s milk and that of another woman, but I did not pay attention to these infos at first. It struck me afterwards that all these different smells I take for granted my girl knows nothing about. When she was about one and a half year I started introducing different smells. I didn’t want to give her perfumes or anything too strong, so I introduced dried herbs instead: I gave her oregano, chamomile, basil, and mint which I usually use for tea. After she started talking I turned it into a game: I would ask her to close her eyes and tell me which herb it is by only using his nose. She loved it!


Fortunately, my girl always liked music, although when she was little she would fall asleep when she would hear the vacuum cleaner. There is something about babies loving white noise, it calms them down. I ordered a few CDs with calming music and when she grew up a bit I would play it to her.


I knew how important touch is to babies, and I spent a lot of time taking things from her which she would gladly put in her mouth. She loved being hugged, kissed and massaged. After she grew up, her favorite game would be to pick small pebbles and throw them in a bucket; I guess she liked their texture. And she liked playing with my silk scarves, she could do it for hours, especially if they were colourful. And another thing I learned: swaddle bag is a blessing when you’re trying to calm your baby down. She could feel my body’s warmth and smell, and I held her close until she would fall asleep.



As she grew, she began noticing all the different colours and I took advantage of it: I bought her colourful toys. At first it was only stuffed animals, but later on I brought her building blocks and played with her. We were trying to build all sorts of things, and I was trying to see which colour was her favourite. To my surprise he loved green and yellow, so I bought him brightly coloured clothes in those shades as well.

Even after all this time I am still learning, and I am not sure I will ever know everything there is to know about parenthood. My girl is a happy and healthy child and I am sure she will grow to be good and active child and find out that the world is an amazing place.

Author Bio

Gabriella Diesendorf is a freelance writer from Australia and a devoted mother. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques. If you mention attachment parenting or natural makeup she will bore you to death. She got idea for this article while talking with her friends about baby swaddle bags at bubbaroo gathering.

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