#WellnessWednesday: Organic on a Budget – Top 5 Smoothies for More Energy



Busy days, long hours of stressful work, late nights and every-day obligations often leave you tired and in need for more energy. Staying healthy and energized should be a priority for all of us. There are a lot of natural ways to do just that, instead of using coffee in large quantities to keep you awake and on the run. Eating organic food can be the first step in making your daily habits healthier, and it doesn’t have to be that complicated and expensive, especially today with organic fruits and vegetables breakthrough and availability.

Fastest and tastiest way to serve yourself a healthy meal is to make a smoothie. You can find different recipes online, or just improvise and mix your favorite fruits and vegetables to make your own recipe. If energy is your goal, keep in mind that certain foods will provide it quickly and it will last long during the day. For example, bananas, citrus fruit, different sorts of berries and nuts and honey are also great source of energy, and also great snacks between meals on their own, or in a smoothie.

You can make your smoothie as a snack or as a replacement for a cup of coffee in the morning, but also as a whole meal. All you have to do is take some muffins or some other gluten free food with it and complete transferring your smoothie into a full, healthy meal.

We made a selection of top five smoothie recipes that will keep you energized and healthy, and your body will be grateful.

  1. Berry Feast

 Put ½ cup of blueberries, ½ cup of blackberries, ½ cup of cherries, one large banana, a cup of fresh almond milk, spoon of honey, and dash of cinnamon (if you like the taste of it) all together and blend them until you get smooth and creamy mixture. It will give you instant energy.

  1. Garden-In-Cup

Take one trimmed carrot, two stalks of celery, one cored and seeded red bell pepper, two medium tomatoes, a handful of watercress and one piled and sliced cucumber, and put them in juicer in this order. You can add a dash of salt if you like, and the best way is to drink it right out of the juicer. This one will rehydrate you and make the rest of your day easy and delightful.

  1. Citrus All the Way

Peel and juice two or three tangerines with one red grapefruit, and blend this juice with a handful of frozen strawberries. This sunshine bomb packed with vitamin C will keep your energy level high whole day.

  1. Peanut Butter

Mix one large banana, two spoons of natural peanut butter, one small handful of spinach leaves, dash of cinnamon and a little bit of water in a blender. This smoothie will give you long-lasting energy and is very nutritious, so you can replace one meal with it.

  1. Green Tea

Mix together eight cups of brewed green tea, one peeled and sliced tangerine and small handful of mint leaves, and you will get juice that helps with your metabolism and natural loss of weight, while charging your energy. Upside: you don’t have to drink it immediately, it can stay in your fridge until you use it all.

Be creative with your own mixes and enjoy!

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