Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

A healthy and balanced diet is an essential part of any women’s pregnancy. We hear all the time about good and bad foods that we should or shouldn’t eat during this period of time. During those nine months it’s quite important to manage what you eat, because now you have to think and eat for two. There are some foods that aren’t really good for you or the baby, so we will try and list some of the things you should try avoiding in this period of time.

foods to avoid during pregnancy

Unpasteurized dairy

Try avoiding any unpasteurized products such as skim milk or different kind of cheeses made out of unpasteurized milk. This includes all kinds of soft cheeses like feta, brie or blue cheese, also mozzarella, cottage cheese, camembert, goat cheese etc. You should also avoid unpasteurized juice. The thing with these products is that they may contain bacteria called listeria and other pathogens. They can lead to foodborne illness or blood poisoning and it can be life threatening. If you want a safe alternative you can always eat hard cheeses such as Swiss cheese or cheddar, or if you really want to drink juice or milk, be sure that they are treated through UV irradiation.


If you are prone to eating seafood be sure to avoid a couple of things. Don’t eat raw seafood like sushi or shellfish. There is a high risk of ingesting all kinds of parasites and bacteria. Also, any kind of uncooked or refrigerated seafood is a big no. That includes seafood labeled nova style, kippered, lox, smoked or jerky. Cooking can help in protecting you from some infections but these kinds of foods pose a concern for everybody, not just pregnant women, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you are really craving seafood be careful what you order, cook it properly and limit your intake of it.

Raw Eggs

It may look like common sense, but try and avoid any foods that may contain raw or undercooked eggs, such as eggnog, raw batter, mayonnaise, Caesar salad or homemade ice cream. This is because of the risk of catching salmonella. A thing to keep in mind is if you’re preparing something with eggs, to properly wash your kitchenware afterwards. If you want to try and avoid all of this, be sure to cook eggs properly and use pasteurized egg products. Also, when you’re buying eggs make sure they have been well refrigerated and that the date is still good.

Meat, Fish And Poultry

The most important thing is to avoid eating raw or undercooked meat, fish or poultry. You risk bad food poisoning that now affects not only you but the baby as well. Refrigerated meat should also be avoided, such as ham, roast beef, turkey, and pate. Red meats should be avoided at any cost, because you risk catching E-coli, salmonella or toxoplasmosis. Deli meat is also a big risk because it can contain listeria. Also, a big no is fish with high levels of mercury. Too much mercury can be harmful for your baby’s nervous system. So if have decided to eat meat be sure to cook it until it’s steaming hot, it’s best to use a thermometer. And if you want fish, there are some that have less mercury in them but they should also be eaten in moderation, such as canned chunk light tuna.


Beverages such as alcohol should be avoided at all costs. Also, you should refrain from drinks rich with caffeine. There is no known alcohol amount that is said to be good or healthy during pregnancy, so you should try and avoid it completely. It can get in the way of the healthy development of your baby. High caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, energy drinks etc. also carry high risks for the baby. They aren’t as bad as alcohol, but you should definitely limit your intake of them. It’s best to stick to natural juices and spring water.

Managing a healthy diet isn’t always easy, especially when you need to think about the baby too. The key is to eat smart and to try and avoid some of these things that could be harmful for you. Just follow these steps and you shouldn’t have any issues.


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