What you need to know about what your child does online

It’s quite obvious that we all wish to trust that our kids will do the right thing and thinking of spying on them is something which makes us feel slightly guilty. With that being said, parents usually do what they do out of love and protection and if they didn’t know what their kids were up to, how would they be able to keep them safe? The following is some information which can be of help to understand what children and teenagers are up to when they are attached to their phones all day long.

  1. Facebook has not been abandoned by teenagers: this social media site is still seen to be the one which is most loved by teens. Even after a number of teens’ parents started joining the site, majority of teens continued to make use of it. According to the founder of SpyParent, teens are sticking to mostly Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as part of the social media sites they use. Not many newer apps seem to be getting much traction.
  2. Their smart phone’s can be followed: majority of the teens own smart phones and are constantly using them. Due to this, monitoring their smart phone is a good way of keeping an eye on them many of which allow their location, messages and posts to be tracked.
  3. None of the demographics are an exception: teens belonging to all kinds of race and ethnicity make use of the internet and their smart phones so no demographic should be seen to be an exception to using smart phones at all times.
  4. Gangs exist on Facebook as well as other websites used by your teen: this is in reference to cyber bullying in particular and while it may not be the scariest thing present on the internet, it is definitely something to keep an eye out for.
  5. Boys and girls behave somewhat differently online: the activity of both the genders is different when it comes to which social media site they use. Boys often use Facebook whereas girls prefer Instagram and Tumblr more.
  6. Your teen’s age: this is of importance with regard to the sites they make use of and the apps they prefer using.
  7. Too much time spent online is not good: you are not crazy to think this; it is definitely not a good idea to spend too much time online. Moderation should be maintained in using the internet just as it should be utilized in all other aspects of life.
  8. Best defense just might be to join them: the best thing you can actually do is make use of the social media site and app on your own. Download Twitter and follow celebrities and new outlets; make use of Snapchat and communicate with friends and family. Use the app so you can better understand it which will allow you to understand your child better as well. Along with this, you can even physically look into your child’s phone once a week and that should be enough.

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