Caring for Elderly Parents: 5 Simple Things to Get Started

Where would a person be if it weren’t for their parents? Parents are the single most important people in our lives. They cared for us; taught us ways of life, to talk to walk; and fed us when we are unable to feed ourselves. It is only fair then that when the tables turn and parents start to age, the kid who has grown up to be a man or a woman is willing to take care of their parents and nurture them like they nurtured them when they were powerless and weak.

In a bid to help people take care of their elderly parents, here is a list of five simple things that one should know when starting to take care of their parents.

1.    Always be Grateful to have them

How you perceive taking care of your parents will determine will determine how you actually carry it out.

The key to making the most of this responsibility is being grateful about it. Parents do everything in their power to give their children what they want. While they may never ask for it, it is only natural that they expect a little gratitude in return.

2.    Talk to Them

At their age, people start to grow isolated inside their homes. They have little contact with friends and lack the mobility or the stamina to move around the city exploring the stunning Adelaide or Sydney etc. area where they reside. Boredom is an underrated problem that can alienate people and affect their health. As a child, it is the responsibility of their children to talk to their parents, ask them about their day and never be afraid of getting into serious conversations about their health, because they deserve to know.

3.    Accept that they may be unreasonable at times

Life goes on a full circle from cradle to grave. When a child is little they can be unreasonable and unwavering at times. Once people start to age they complete the cycle and start to act like kids to some extent. The key to taking care of elderly parents is dealing with them, like one deal with their kids. Subtly, making sure their feelings are protected and understanding their viewpoint at all times.

4.    Respect their wishes

Before you took over as the head of the household and became the decision making authority, that post was occupied by your parents. Nobody accepts loosing importance and one should make sure parents never feel that way. Be obedient to their needs and wished even if your ideas are better. At the very least talk to them about their idea and how it could perhaps be improved.

5.    Enjoy With Them

The most important take away in taking care of your elderly parents is enjoying with them every time you spend time with them. Remember the trips to the Great Barrier Reef and Cottesloe Beach they took you on when you were a kid? Now is the time to pay them back. Take them out to dinner, or book a night at the Sydney Opera house. Show them that they are a source of joy for their children and not a burden.

Every parent is different and unique; so care for them like you want your child to take care of you as you age!

Tips offered by the Patient Handling team.

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