DIY Room Decor! 10 DIY Room Decorating Ideas for Twins

DIY Room Decorating Ideas for Twins

Expecting twins is a true blessing, but it may seem a tad overwhelming for the mothers-to-be. How to fit two cribs in one room? What clothes to get? Where to store all the necessary items? These are just some of the questions that need to be resolved before babies arrive. We have decided to make this noble moment in your life twice the adorable and twice the fun by presenting you with some cute and creative ideas to get you inspired for your own twin-proof nursery.

Double crib starter pack

Start with the simple cribs and replace them in time with bunked beds, or side-by-side models, if the space allows it. Equip it with custom patchwork blankets for the boys or girls and adorn it with a DIY mobile with multi-colored origami pieces of birds or pinwheels.

Next, insert a handy, appropriately repainted vintage wooden cupboard in the middle and quickly grab a change of clothes or a wet wipe. Finally, set the atmosphere with some chalkboard paint for one wall and transform the display at will. Shooting stars and hearts are a decent way to start.

Twin shelf display

It’s never too early to make some investments for the future of your twins and get them a great selection of children’s book for all ages. Who doesn’t like bedtime story time!

Also, give your little ones something they can admire from afar at first, and will love play with later on: action figures. Get them on board with the all-time comic book rivalries and buy them the Batman vs. Superman, or Ironman vs. Hulk sets. Virtually all stars of the Comic-Con can be found in a figurine form for your little boys.

The girls are not excluded from this setup either. You can get them Wonder Woman figures in different outfits, or their favorite princess from the Adventure Time cartoon, like the Princess Bubblegum or Lumpy Space Princess.

Lastly, paint some plain, sanded wooden blocks with letters and symbols for their first at-home classroom sessions.

Green simplicity

If you’re a tree-hugger and an eco activist, and you want some of that love to rub off on your kids, you can start by introducing a green theme to their room. With only three colors, the predominant green and the black and white for the accessories, you will create an uncomplicated and vivid layout for the twins.

Paint the walls some vibrant green shade, and have the major remaining elements in white (cribs, storage). Accessories in black and white can be used to connect twins’ spots. This could include some handmade organza flowers, or large embellished cardboard cutouts of the twins’ names.

All grey relaxing setup

We shall skip the all-white elegance this time and present you with another neutral color idea for the nursery – soft grey. This is a decidedly calming and soothing solution for the hyperactive kids, and also a smart means to get them in the sleeping mood. Pair it with some atypical round or oval cribs in the matching hue. Round up the room with an intricately hand painted closet using the neighboring colors within the chosen palette.

Dream world

Our first proposition includes drapes, and lots of them. Obtain a slightly retro look with the drapes everywhere, one the walls behind the cribs and sloping on the ceiling. Use some creamy hue since the fabrics and patterns are stealing the show here. Employ the carpet with a light brown and off-white zigzag pattern and an elegant chandelier with candle-shaped fixtures and metal, circle frames.

The other concept we had in mind takes it a step further. Put together a genuine royal sleeping area for your beloved twins. Combine the lush-looking materials, fancy beddings and regal like items. Begin with the gentle baldachins and proceed with period cabinets and large, golden-rimmed mirror. Finally, employ the special items and toys to separate each twin’s space.

Celebrate the happy news with the decoration of the designated room for the new Earthlings. Make a rough outline and fill it on the go. Our ideas provide a solid starting point and inspiration for your own original project.

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