Pregnancy Health & Symptoms

Screening For Diabetes During Pregnancy

(NAPSI)—About 240,000 of the 4 million women who give birth every year in the United States develop diabetes during their pregnancy, a condition known as gestational diabetes—but it can be prevented. Gestational diabetes usually has no symptoms but can cause negative health effects for the mother and her child. Fortunately, proper screening and treatment can reduce the risk of these …

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Exercising During Pregnancy

Everyone knows that exercise is very good for your health. During pregnancy, exercise can have many other benefits as well. Normally, exercise should be light, especially during your first few weeks of pregnancy while your body adjusts to the changes. Any type of heavy exercise can divert the blood flow from crucial areas, and most women that exercise on a regular basis should tone down their workout regimen during pregnancy. Swimming, walking, and yoga …

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How Well Do You Know the Flu?

(BPT) – About half of US adults incorrectly believe that antibiotics or flu vaccines will treat the flu, according to a new survey from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID). The good news is that two-thirds of those surveyed know that people should be vaccinated against the flu each year. “It is reassuring that individuals recognize the importance of …

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